Allan Marain is a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer. He is skilled, dedicated, and highly experienced. He protects the interests of his clients in New Jersey courts, both State and federal.

The Law Offices of Allan Marain are centrally located in New Brunswick, down the block from the Middlesex County Court House. From there, Allan appears regularly in courts throughout Middlesex County, and central and northern New Jersey. He represents persons charged with criminal offenses, in the Superior Court of New Jersey. He represents young persons charged with juvenile delinquency, in the Family Part of the Superior Court. He represents persons charged with traffic and disorderly persons offenses, in municipal courts throughout the State. And he appears before the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and before administative law judges when the State is attempting to suspend or revoke clients' drivers' licenses.

Allan Marain represents persons threatened by Megan's Law. His representation includes tier classification, and removal from the requirements of Megan's Law completely. And, most importantly, it includes preventing people from being subjected to the ravages of Megan's Law in the first place.

Attorney Allan Marain appears in municipal courts throughout New Jersey on behalf of motorists charged with traffic law violations. He regularly obtains dismissal of traffic charges, and reduction of motor vehicle points to which motorists are exposed.

For young persons, being charged with juvenile delinquency is traumatic. Allan Marain treats such charges with the same dedication that he extends to adults facing charges. He combines understanding and counselling to help reduce the psychological trauma that juvenile charges create. At the same time, he applies the same defense skills and techniques used to defend adults. In that way he is able to obtain results that lower (and, in many cases eliminate) the legal consequences of juvenile charges.

Many arrests and convictions can be expunged, thus enabling persons with a record to obtain a fresh start. All dismissals can be expunged, unless arising from a finding of insanity or lack of mental capacity. All disorderly persons convictions can be expunged, up to a certain number. Many criminal (“felony”) convictions can also be expunged. Allan Marain obtains expungements for clients on a regular basis throughout New Jersey.

Persons convicted of drug crimes can become ineligible for or can lose student loans. They and their families can be evicted from public housing. Under many leases, they can be evicted from homes rented from private landlords. Their property can be forfeited. This is all in addition, of course, to the incarceration, loss of driving privileges, fines, and stigma that drug convictions can bring. Allan Marain has over forty years experience fighting drug charges in municipal court, the Superior Court of New Jersey, and the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. He is ready and able to apply his experience, skill, and knowledge to represent persons charged with drug- and drug-related offenses.

So called “street crimes” run the entire range from shoplifting, and urinating in public, on the one hand, to kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, and murder, on the other. For those over forty years, Allan Marain has been successfully fighting on behalf of persons charged with so-called street crimes. Sometimes the defense is violation of a defendant's Constitutional rights. Sometimes the defense is alibi. Sometimes the defense is simply he or she didn't do it. Regardless of the circumstances, Allan Marain represents with skill and understanding clients charged with violating the law.

When it comes to firearms, New Jersey is the most heavily regulated State in the country. And with Phil Murphy in the governor's mansion, it gets only worse. Whether it's possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, or simply possessing a firearm without the requisite paperwork, Allan Marain scrutinizes the charges and the circumstances of the arrest in order to provide skilled and experienced legal representation.

New Jersey law specifies six different ways that a person can be charged with shoplifting. Allan Marain is familiar with all six, and with defenses that are available for each. Although “only” a disorderly persons offense, a shoplifting conviction imposes disproportionate consequences. These consequences extend far beyond the judge's sentence, especially for non-United States citizens. Skilled and experienced legal representation is vital for persons charged with shoplifting. Allan Marain has that skill and experience.

Stalking is a fourth- and, sometimes, third degree crime under New Jersey law. It is also a crime under federal law. Even when “only” fourth degree, stalking is a charge that must be taken very seriously. In addition to criminal penalties, persons charged with stalking can be hit with applications for a domestic violence restraining order (“DVRO”). Allan Marain has the skill and the knowledge needed to defend persons charged with stalking.

Sex offenses include aggravagted sexual assault, sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, criminal sexual contact, and even lewdness. Conviction of most of these offenses subject a person to lifetime supervision and obligation to register under Megan's Law. Many convictions for endangering the welfare of a minor also subject a person to Megan's Law penalties. Allan Marain fights sex charges. He is skilled and experienced.

This site provides general information about New Jersey and federal charges. It also provides information about the Law Practice of Allan Marain. Information about your specific matter is available from him directly.

He can help.

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