Underage Gambling

Underage gambling in New Jersey is governed by N.J.S. 5:12-119. That statute makes it a disorderly persons offense for an underage person to wager in or even enter a licensed casino or simulcasting facility. New Jersey defines underage person to be a person under the age at which a he may legally purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. The law does allow an underage person to enter the facility in order to pass to another room. The law also allows persons specifically licensed or registered under the New Jersey Casino Control Act to enter in the regular course of the person's permitted activities.

Persons who violate this law commit a disorderly persons offense. The minimum fine that the judge is then required to impose is $500.00. In addition, the court is required to suspend or postpone the person's license to operate a motor vehicle for six months.

Records relating to convictions for this offense can be expunged after five years. If the charge is dismissed, the defendant can apply for expungement of his arrest record immediately.

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