Attorney Allain Marain

Client Testimonials - Part 2

Mr. Marain,

I would like to thank you for all your help. I now feel that I can finally move on with my life. You can be assured that I will highly recommend your services to anyone in need. Thank you so much,
P.S. My brother will be contacting you soon.

- R.R.G.

You and your staff are the most competent and professional people I have ever dealt with.

Thank you very much.

- W.D.

Great Job!

- R.J.S.


- J.H.

Very informative, upfront [illegible] communicative individual & diligent worker

- D.K.

I will recommend you to my friends as I have already done so

- R.M.

Thank you!

- R.R.B.

Thank you, it is great to finally have this matter behind me.

- M.A.L.

Thank you so much for your help. I feel like a cloud has been lifted from me that has been over me for the last 14 yours. Thanks.

- J.M.S.

Mr. Marain + his support staff are caring, well-informed professionals. I did my research on who to contact for legal representation; and I'm very happy with who I chose. I now can pursue my life again after 12 years of being a framed convicted criminal due to the fact that I became a whistle blower against patient abuse in N.J. Thank you Mr. Marain + staff!!

- D.M.B.

Dear Mr. Marain,

Thanks a lot for all your help. A.B.C. 7128 I was impressed by the explanation of all facets of the legal process as it pertained to my case. Unfortunately you cannot perform miracles.

- S.K.

I would like too thanky you and worky for the good job yous have done thanky very Much.

- J.V.

Thank you for all your help. I finally got my record clear. And I was very Satisfied with your Services. I would recommend your Services to anyone who is well to clear. There records. and Start a New Beginning. Once Again Thank you!

- J.M.

You folks did a great job and did it for a reasonable fee. Kudo's to you and the postive outcome.

- G.B.

Thank you so much for all that you have done. I greatly appreciate everything.

- R.N.

I am extremely glad I chose Mr. Marain to handle my case. I was kept well informed with every step of how the case was moving along without any request on my part. My expectations were exceeded with how the case was handled. I will not hesitate to recommend any family member or friend who is looking to have something expunged to Mr. Marain.

Thanks, thanks, thank you very much Mr. Marain.

- K.M.

I found Mr. Marain to be a shrewd and practical jurist. His years of legal experience and seemingly infinite knowledge regarding the New Jersey expungement process were evidenced in the seamless manner in which he handled my case. He maintained a line of communication that did not close until after the results I desired had been obtained. I was totally satisfied with Mr. Marain's services.

- I.H.

If someone I know needs an excellent attorney I will refer him or her to Mr. Marain, with the upmost confidence because a few others I called said they could not do anything for me. That told me they did not know what to do; because they were not familiar with my type of case.

- A.J.M.

Mr. Marain,

I really appreciate your professionalism! And thank you for your constant contact and for keeping me in the loop throughout the process.
Thanks a lot.

- J.A.C.

Mr. Marain made a process that seemed so overwhelming and impossible to me, look easy.

I'm so grateful to him and his staff for diligently working on my case.

- J.M.

Very professional. Extremely thorough in his efforts to gather age old court documents. It would have been impossible to do this myself and I am so glad I called Mr. Marain.

- C.N.

Thanks for your help!!

- G.S.

Thank you for all your guidance through this stressful process, and for helping put my past behind me. I appreciate all your patience in answering my questions and concerns, & for providing your advice. My future successes will be due to all your help, and I cannot thank you enough.

- B.P.

Excellent service provided timely and in an affordable fashion. Thank you for being honest and caring.

- N.C.

I was very pleased with the constant updates regarding my case and believe everything was done efficiently in an organized format. This would have been a nightmare to prepare myself and found the fee to be quite reasonable after seeing the time and effort Mr. Marain put into my case.

- K.E.B.

I would never consider using anyone else. He is compasionate as a human being.

- J.K.

Mr. Marain did an outstanding job!

Thank you!!!

- P.J.K.

Thank you very much for everything. I was able to leave NJ and am in VT with my daughter. I also recieved my VT teaching lisense last week. Thank you so much for your help I could not have done all this without you.

- J.A.

Mr. Marain processed my case in a very timely manner at every step. He did a good job at notifying me of what was going on.

- S.S.

I am completely satisfied with the services that I received and the promptness of the resolution to this case.

- D.M.M.

Thank you for everything. Outstanding service.

- R.B.

In the days since the successful completion of my expungement I have had time to fully reflect on what it means to me and those that will come in contact with me for the rest of my life and am nothing but inspired. Being able to find you, a needle in a haystack has left me with hope that I did not have before. I can now stand upright and chase my dreams freely and unapologetically without that scarlet letter attachment anymore.

I have also decided to continue my educational pursuits and I have transferred to the University of Alabama (online) to get the last 30 or so credits that I need to complete my undergraduate studies. I'm not sure where I will go or what I will do after that but I guess the real point now is that I have a choice because of the service that you have provided for me as well as others.

- A.M.

Very professional & prompt. Thank you!

- V.L.

Supportive, Knowledgeable and kind.

Thank you for everything

- C.A.S.

Thanks for a great job!

- G.M.

Thank you!

- N.M.

I really want to thank you Mr. Marain for how dilligently you pursued my case. Thank you again for everything.

- M.L.

Mr. Marain was very knowledgeable in the expungement process and kept me updated every step of the way. I especially appreciate that he was able to send a letter out to the main background checking companies notifying them of my newly expunged status. Thank You.

- T.T.

Thank you for giving me my life back!

God bless you.

- D.S.M.


- R.K.S.


- W.M.

The NJ law is arbitrary & capricious. The standard they apply to the case is idiotic. The expungement were of things in the begone past.

- S.G.

Mr. Marain did a great job for me. Thank you very much!!!

- M.K.

I was very pleased with my experience and the outcome of the case. Thank you so much for all your help.

- K.B.

Mr. Allan Marain is an excellent lawyer! It was such a pleasure to hire him to represent my son with his case. He is very professional and has a good knowledge of the law in the case which he helped us. Nobody would have done it like him! He called us back immediately to answer any questions or concerns that we had.

- J.A.C.

Thank you very much

- D.M.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I'm so thankful.

- J.R.

My experience with you has been superb to say the least.

- L.M.

I had an extremely positive experience working with Mr. Marain. He was professional, timely, understanding and thorough. I would absolutely utilize his services in the future and/or refer family/friends if appropriate.

Thank you for your excellent service,

- A.M.D.

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to resolve my case.

- Y.A.

Thank you SO much! You have been wonderful throughout the duration of the process and I am so grateful everything went well and on schedule!

- N.S.

Mr. Marain was informative, clear, professional, kind and courteous. I highly reccommend him and his office. Selecting him to represent me was the best decision I made.

- A.A.

Very satisfied with your firm!

- J.L.

One of the best experiences with an attorney ever. Mr Marain has set a high standard for professionalism & customer care.

- D.C.M.

I hope I don't have to use you again, but I will always be a referral.

- L.S.

You were very helpful. Thank you!

- T.Y.

Thank you for the professional attention to my personal case. I truly felt as though you had my best interest in mind, and that you worked diligently in helping me navigate the New Jersey court system.

I could not have accomplished this without your help.

- E.C.

Do not contact me and remove my information from your mailing list immediately.

- J.P.

I thank Mr. Marain for his professionalism, courtesy & assurance he provided for me. He truly made me feel confident in that he & his staff had my best interest @ heart!

- P.L.D.

You were great! In November 2016 I was approved for a concealed carry weapons permit in North Carolina. I was very impressed how you represented me in such a timely manner. It feels good to know I can now legally say no to the “box” on job applications. I am very happy and pleased with your service! Please feel free to use my gratitude to show prospective clients. The fee was worth it!!! I now have peace of mind!

- W.A.R.

I cannot thank you enough for your time, effort and sharing your knowledge. I don't believe I will ever need a lawyer with your specific area of concentration in the future, however I will certainly refer anyone I meet in the future who may.

- J.M.

Thank you!

- E.C.

Mr. Marain handled my case with outstanding professionalism, competence, and attention to detail. I slept better at night knowing that I was in such capable hands during a difficult time in my career.

- A.S.

Great job! And thank you!

- B.P.B.

I received your voicemail late today regarding my expungement application and felt an immediate thank you was in order! My experience with you has never lacked professionalism, courtesy, or caring! Never have I felt like during this process that I was another case for you; your true compassion and understanding of my situation, as your client, was absolutely remarkable to experience. Thank you----from the bottom of my heart. You have made a difficult process seem graceful and effortless, but I truly appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable or more caring lawyer, and wanted to give thanks!

- S.E.C.

My husband and I really appreciate your help during this process. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you for your kindness.

- Q.A.

I found Mr. Marain and staff to be a life saver for me and my family. He took his time out to help me now I'm able to go back to work, and help others.

- D.M.S.

Mr. Marain far exceeded my expectations. Never before have I worked with a lawyer that actually cared. I highly recommend Mr. Marain.

- N.P.L.

I am so happy and grateful to have had you represent me for my expungement. There is absolutely no aspect of working with you that I would have changed or that could have been done any better.

- B.M.

Thank you very much!
Highly recommend to anyone in a similar circumstance.

- R.A.D.


- K.B.

Good job all around. Professional and efficient

- M.H.

Mr. Marain is fantastic!

- K.K.

Excellent work. I strongly feel that without Mr. Marain's services and advice, I would have this hanging over me in perpetuity.

- D.C.

I am a totally satisfied costomer & would reccomend to anyone. I am very grateful for the help I received.

- B.A.H.

Extremely professional, would recommend to anyone needing legal advise. I have other needs in the future and plan on calling. Well done and thank you very much Mr. Marain I am so pleased to have this mark removed.

- G.A.D.

Thank you for all your help!

- B.L.

I work with attorneys and judges on a daily basis and Mr. Marain handled my legal needs with professionalism and class. Hopefully I will never need his services again but I certainly would not hesitate to call him if I did. Thank you, Mr. Marain.

- J.W.

Very professional and thorough

- C.O.

Thank you so much for your due diligence. You did a wonderful job & I would not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you again for a job well done.

- W.A.B.

Thank you so much for everything

- A.S.

I appreciate all the help you and your staff provided.

- E.K.

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