Attorney Allain Marain

Client Testimonials

Former clients have provided the comments that follow. All have graciously allowed us to share their information with prospective clients:

I would like to truly say thank you for your help with my expungement. Your services were prompt, professional and thorough.

- H.G.D.

Mr. Marain I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again. I don't have enough words to express my feelings, I am just extremely thankful that I had you as an attorney. I wish you and your family the best.

- J.L.

Words cannot express our deep appreciation for all of your help. You are such a considerate and responsible attorney! It's our fortune to have you help us.

You did a wonderful job. We all think you are very professional. If we have friends need help, we will definitely give them referral to you. Keep in touch!

- A.X.

Thank you for your time and patience.

- M.Y.

Thank you very much Mr. Marain for all of your help!

- M.A.G.

Couldn't have asked for better. Thank you for all your help.

- S.R.

The steady stream of updates via mail as each step of the case progressed was reassuring. It was good to know that Mr. Marain was always on top of things. He is approachable and puts you at ease, no matter what stupidity you committed. Most importantly, he obtained an excellent result in my case. He also handled a small side matter with thoroughness and professionalism. I would call on him again, although I hope I never need to.

- P.A.K.

Mr. Marain, you were fantastic in handling my case. Thank you for being so thorough and keeping me informed in every step of the process. I will definitely come to you again if I need any legal assistance in the future.

- C.R.

Perfect and prompt legal service. Thank you very much.

- S.T.

Thank you for a job very well done.

- P.W.H.

It was a pleasure working with you.

- S.R.S.

In my legal matter I found Mr. Marain to be sincere, honest and professional. Thank you again.

- J.T.A.

Mr. Marain- thank you for your services. I am very glad I saw your name online. You are extremely professional and pleasant to interact with. If I ever need any legal services, or anyone I know does, I will most certainly give you a call. Of course I hope that never comes to (for me at least) again. I can't state how wonderful you have been. Thanks again.

- E.Y.C.

Mr. Marain, I can't thank you enough for the way you handled my son's case. Everything went smoothly, without any doubt on my part that you were always involved. You kept me up to date on the case's developments, communicated with me often, and followed through to the satisfactory conclusion in the case. I would strongly recommend you to anyone in need of legal representation. Thanks again!

- P.J.M.

I don't think I could have had better representation if I had unlimited funds! You were one of my best moves.

- P.J.S.

Mr. Marain builds an excellent rapport with his clients. He is always conscientious of his client's feelings and is clearly concerned for the individual, not simply, the 'case.' I never once had problems contacting Mr. Marain and/or understanding the developments in my case. Thanks for everything!

- A.S.G.

You did a fantastic job! You kept me informed about my case. I was copied on each letter that you sent out and also you took the time to write me letters explaining the procedure step by step. Every time I received a letter from you, I would comment to Rich on how thorough and efficient you are. I felt secure knowing that I was in good hands with you as my attorney- that you were very knowledgeable about the law pertaining to my case and that you would see it through in a timely manner, which you absolutely did.

Again, you did an outstanding job and although I hope never to need your services again, I will highly recommend you to anyone who does. Also, if a prospective client would like to speak to me regarding your services, you can give them my phone number.

- M.B.

Outstanding work

- A.N.L.

Just a thank you! You couldn't imagine the feeling I felt when I received this. It's a new beginning.

- M.D.

I want to thank you for everything u have done. very pleased, I apoligize for taking so long to write back to you. you are always refered by me when people need the Best Advize and help. Wish you a good and healthy 2012.

- A.F.

Mr. Marain is very clever, methodical, and patient. He is honest, respectful, and truly concerned about his client's right to a fair trial.

- S.N.

His services were pretty exceptional and I would definitely refer people in need of such services. Thank you so much for your time.

- O.C.O.

Mr. Marain was very efficient in my case. I hope I never need another att. but if so, Mr. Marain would be the first one I would call.

- E.P.

I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to answer all of my questions. :-) You truly don't understand how much I appreciate it.
Thanks again!

- D.S.

Thank you!!

- P.J.B.

I don't have enough words to express my feelings for a wonderful job Mr. Marain has done. I am thankful to God that being with Mr. Marain I was always in safe hands. Professionally he has extremely deep knowledge. He was able to answer all my questions very satisfactory. Thanks Mr. Marain 'Thank you' is not a word but a feeling. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

- S.K.

Thank you very much. If I have any other questions concerning law, you are on my speed dial, again I appreciate your help.

- S.C.B.

Attorney Allan Marain helped my case in a timely and helpful manner. He thoroughly explained every aspect of my case. He would always keep me up to date with any changes during my case. He represemted me to the best of his ability. I thank him very much and if I ever need an attorney I will be sure to call him.

- M.G.S.

Allan Marain, Esq., Attorney at Law did a perfect job. He is very professional, yet easy to talk to.

- J.C.M.

Very pleased. Great Work.

- M.E.K.

Mr. Marain got right to work on my case. And didn't stop until it was taken care of. A very nice man and a professional. I am happy I got hooked up with him.

- T.S.C.

I found Mr. Marain extremely professional. Everything was completely explained to us and all our questions were answered in a timely manner. His calls to us and all of the mailings made us feel that we were in good hands and that we had no reason to worry that our case was being handled properly. I would never hesitate to use Mr. Marain's services again.

- M.T.B.

I cannot sufficiently convey how impressed I am with your professionalism and how pleased I am with the quality of your represenation. I am almost pleased when friends of mine have legal problems because it gives me the opportunity to recommend you. You are a credit to your profession.

- J.F.

Mr. Marain I truley thank you for your efforts on my behalf. Without hesitation you had made up your mind to help me and freely invest your time. Words cannot suffice my expression of gratitude. Thank you.

- W.C.

Thank you for all your help. Once again I thank you!

- A.B.J.

Many thanks for your compassion and patience as well as a meticulously handled process with a good and quick result. I could not have been luckier finding your site on the internet.

- C.A.B.

Thank you so much for a job well done. Your professionalism and dedication to my case was superb. I felt at ease and confident every step of the way. Your website is an excellent representation of you and your services. I will definitely call you again for your legal expertise and refer others to you.

It has been a pleasure working with you and making your acquaintance.

- P.B.

I would recommend you to anyone needing an attorney without hesitation.

- L.A.S.

Mr. Marain was excellent. Power of attorney is always helpful. Thanks again.

- J.D.J.

Very professional, timely, etc. Nothing less than excellent legal services on any and all issues that needed Mr. Marain's attention. A grade of A++ is deserved!

- B.K.

Mr. Marain is an excellent attorney. He represented me very well. I had an excellent attorney on my side. I would recommend Mr. Marain without any reservations.

- F.M.M.

Thank you so much, wonderful job. Your my God!

- D.S.

I appreciate Mr. Marain for handling my case very intelligently and his patience for this concern is greatly appreciated as well. I would certainly get in touch with you sir, for any further questions. Thank you!

- K.K.

A professional approach to listening and hearing what was told to him by clients was and is a primary ingredient to winning.

- A.D.

Thank you.

- C.J.B.

Outstanding representation!

- M.C.

Thanks a lot- court was less stressful then I thought it would be thanks to your help.

- S.C.Q.

Thank you very much.

- A.F.G.

Thank you. . . Thank you again.

- H.M.

Thank you! I really appreciate all the work you did for me. You did exactly what you said you would do, you kept me informed by telephone, letters and in person so I knew exactly how my case was progressing. The outcome of my case was successful. If I need a lawyer in the future I will call you. I will also strongly recommend you to others.

- W.P.U.

I had a personal deadline to meet and Mr. Marain worked very hard to not only meet my deadline but was always keeping me informed every step of the way. Thanks Mr. Marain!

- D.R.

I would strongly recommend Mr. Marain. His follow-ups that explained the progress and status of the case were very helpful and informative. It was a pleasure using your services.

- S.P.H.

I liked the way Mr. Marain kept me informed & up to date (this seems to be difficult for many attorneys)

- J.L.D.

I would refer him to anyone. Thank you.

- A.P.S.

Was well prepared and showed dedication to my case. I was completely satisfied with his representation and will not hesitate to use his services again should I ever need them.

- M.M.

This was the first and hopefully last time we were in this situation and Mr. Marain was caring, professional, and very helpful. He treated my son and I with respect and compassion and made this situation as easy to deal with as possible and we were very grateful for the help.

- M.P.R.

Thanks for your help and support.

- C.S.F.

I would like to thank Mr. Marain from the bottom of my heart. Everything he said to prepare me for the case and to keep me informed of what could happen throughout the case was a perfect example of proving world class service. All of the follow-ups that he did and all of the monthly updates that he provided me, were very great and I thank you for that.

Mr. Marain, you are the man!
Thank you!

- D.J.H.

Don't retire. I thank you very much for a job well done. Thank you for keeping me calm during my stressful time.

- D.S.

Very pleased with service and expediant manner in which everything was handled. Will recommend if possible.

- P.B.

Mr. Marain has provided outstanding service. I am surprised with Mr. Marain's highly professional and knowledgable legal assistance. He is honest and does his job well. I recommend Mr.Marain's legal services highly.

- B.U.

Honest, worked hard, and fast and surpassed my expectations.

- P.R.

Mr. Marain always took my calls and presented me with good information. I would absolutetly recommend Mr. Marain to others in need of a lawyer. Thank you for all your help!

- R.B.

He was VERY helpful and professional. Because of Alan's hard work I was able to recieve my expungement and am now free to do so many things I was not able to do before.

- S.D.

I am a totally satisfied customer & would recommend to anyone. I am very grateful for the help I needed

- B.A.H.

Word can not express my relief. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have a new lease on life. You have helped restore my dignity and removed the 'scarlet letter'!

None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you so very much for all you have done, your understanding, your guidance and experience.

- C.R.

Mr. Marain was extremely professional, he explained the process in easy to understand terms and he was very compassionate. This was very difficult for me and he handled everything in a caring, confidential manner. I only wish I had contacted him sooner, it could have made a significant difference even dating back to the original incident. Money well spent.

- J.E.B.

Thank you for your politeness and professionalism, for my son, as well as family members. Thank you! God Bless.

- D.C.H.

Dear Mr. Marain, Thank you for handling my expungement in a thoughtful, professional manner.

- M.P.W.

The expungement happened so fast! Great job!

- M.A.G.

Thank you so much for expediting my case! You are a wonderful, caring man and I wish you well!

- D.M.Z.

Thank you so much for everything!

- L.M.T.

Thank you so much for your help. I am so grateful for you and your services. I could not have done it without you! You made what could have been a very difficult process for me easy and my mind was at ease knowing I had a professional working on my case.

- L.M.M.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with the expungement and for taking care of the matter in a very professional way.

- G.P.

I am extremely satisfied with Mr. Marain's representation. Mr. Marain continuously updated me about the status of my case and was responsive to my inquiries. He also demonstrated a strong knowledge of the legal issues related to my case. Overall Mr. Marain exceeded my expectations.

- D.J.A.

Thank you very much for your help Mr. Marain. I would recommend you to anyone I know with legal problems.

- N.O.

I just want to thank you for all your work on my behalf. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you for being not just a great lawyer, but also a good human being.

- L.F.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Marain to others.

- C.C.

Great job keep it up! 5 Stars ***** to you and your staff.

- V.E.

I cannot say enough good things about Allan Marain. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet treats you as a person , and not just a file number. He always took the time to address any questions and concerns, and kept me fully informed every step of the way.

Alan - Thank you immensely!

- J.V.S.

I'm glad I didn't try to navigate these murky waters myself. Your assistance and wise counsel gave me great comfort throughout this process, and great confidence in its successful conclusion. Thank you!

- R.P.M.

Thank you so much for your professionalism while still maintaining a personal connection.

- S.T.L.

Thank you!

- D.F.

I am deeply grateful to him.

- J.J.M.

Thank you so much for your help in this matter. I really appreciate your assistance and my second chance.

- C.K.C.

Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf.

- E.C.

Overall, I have to say that this was a tremendous experience. I can't possibly put into words how appreciative that I am and how much Mr. Marains work and effort on my behalf has not only impressed me, but has provided me with a level of comfort and understanding through its entire process.

I couldn't have asked for better service, a more professional experience, or a more favorable outcome. I am truly grateful for the work and effort that Mr. Marain has put forth on my behalf which has allowed me to move forward with my lifes goals.

- R.W.B., Jr.

Good job well done
God bless you
Keep it up

- M.Y.E.

If anything should arise I wouldn't call anyone else.

- J.N.B.

I received your message yesterday and had to hear it over and over again. What I was hearing was not sinking in. I became overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears. I could not even call you back as I could not keep myself calm. What you have done for me gives me hope in moving forward on so many levels. Even as I sit hear writing this I cannot keep myself composed and I will probably be this way for a long time. I never thought this day would come. I am so grateful to you as so is my husband. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!!

- I.C.

Mr. Marain was professional, courteous and effective.

- D.S.B.

Mr. Marain is very professional and kept me informed about my case. I would use his services again in the future.

- Z.Q.T.

I am very impressed by Mr. Marain's handling of my case. He was nothing but informative and caring. I would refer anyone in my situation to Mr. Marain. Thank you!

- A.R.M.

Esquire Marain was exemplary as my attorney. Mr. Marain's communication skills are impecable. He followed up with me as the case progressed. Correspondence was provided to me at every step of the process. I must attest from the witnessing of his performance Mr. Marain is the master of Expungements.

My attorney Allan Marain demonstrated compassion & understanding with regards to my situation, where he didn't make me feel like I was just another case. I recommend Allan Marain and his practice to any person needing his services.

- G.K.

Mr. Marain, Thank a lot for what you did.

- R.R.

I can't adequately express my gratitude for Mr. Marain's efforts. Thank you for your hard work and for successfully completing my case. You are a good and decent man Mr. Marain and my prayers are with you and your company. Thanks again.

- K.S.B.

I want to thank you so much for all of your help! Words can't express how grateful I am.
Thank you!

- T.B.G.

Mr. Marain was extremely knowledgeable about the law and made my time in court much easier.

- I.B.G.

Many thanks for your attention to detail in my case.

- A.M.

Thank you for all your help! Processing all the expungement paperwork on my own would have been such a headache, but you made the whole process very stress free! I appreciate all your assistance!

- R.C.P.

Thank you very much for assisting me with getting my life back on track. Keep up the great work. I will continue to recommend your services to anyone that may need them. I can now move on.

Thanks again!

- R.C.

Mr. Marain did a great job with my case.

- C.R.

Highly recommended.

- D.F.L.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance in getting me my expungement. From our first call, you have been very professional and caring to help me. You made yourself available each time I called you with a question. You kept me informed with details each step of the process.

I hope never to need your services again in the future, but if I know anyone needing a lawyer, I would recommend your services to anyone with high recommendations.

I would be happy to share my positive experience of the service you provided me to any potential client of yours.

- A.F.

Outstanding service. Not only did the ruling come in my favor but correspondence was consistent and thorough. Great job! Thank you!

- B.H.

I am very pleased with Mr. Marains service. He shows concern with any matter you have, and is always available if ever you need to talk.

- J.B.

Mr. Marain is very knowledgeable in regards to the law and legal processes. I would highly recommend his services in the future!

- D.C.

Thank you for your attentiveness and guidance during my case. I greatly appreciated it.

- N.B.

Mr. Marain conducted everything in a professional manner and was always on top of the updates. I highly recommend Mr. Marain.

- A.C.

Thank you for everything.

- J.A.

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts.

- M.B.B.

What most rewarding is that I did not have to travel and Mr. Marain took care of everything though I'm in another state residing.

- N.V.

Good job!

- G.A.M.

Extremely Proffesional. Truly a pleasure.

- L.M.S.

I was pleased with the level of service provided by Mr. Marain and would recommend him for courteous, professional and prompt care to the client.

- A.B.

Excellent handling of my case, no issues whatsoever. Thank you very much for your concerned attention on my behalf.

Best wishes to you!

- B.J.R.

You and your staff made my expungement painless and I cannot thank you enough! Thank you for helping me get my life back after so many years!

- J.L.B.

Thank You

- H.Y.

I apologize for returning this at this late date but I really feel very strongly that you did everything for me in a prompt and professional manner.

- E.N.M.

Allan Marain was excellent!

- R.B.U.

I just wanted to say thank you. When I heard your message this afternoon that the judge signed the order, I cried! I have been waiting this day for so long and I finally feel like I can now move on! I can finally move ahead in my teaching career (which requires fingerprinting) and just life in general and know that now this won't follow me anymore.

Thank you for being so thorough with everything and keeping me in constant contact and updated throughout this whole process. Even though getting this expunged wasn't a happy experience, you definitely made everything go smoothly.

Thank you again for everything!

- R.S.

Great job! I would recommend you in a heartbeat!

Very impressive.

- S.W.

Thanks again for your exceptional service.

- F.R.

Allan Marain was a consumate professional in handling my case from start to finish. He communicated with me throughout the entire process. I recommend Allan Marain wholeheartedly.

- G.G.M.

I'm very pleased with Mr. Marain Services I would recommend him to anybody.

- M.J.M.

Mr. Marian was very professional answered all of my questions through phone calls and emails. I couldn't of hired anyone better to represent me and handle my case. Jill was also wonderful and helpful with also answering some questions. I highly recommend Mr. Marain and his staff.

- T.S.

I am very pleased with the services provided. Thank you!!

- J.A.H.

I am grateful to Mr. Marain for presenting my case with his expertise and especially for the outcome obtained. He has made a significant difference in my life. Many thanks to Mr. Marain for his handling of my case.

- M.F.K.

Thank you for your help.

- J.R.C.

Thank you so much for all of your assistance and effort put forth regarding my case. The constant communication, outlining of information and general respect you and your staff had for me was evident in everything you did.

Your phone call truly made my year. I am newly engaged, moving to a new city with a new job and I will be able to start my new life fresh with no worries of this matter following me. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

I am so very thankful for everything that your office did for me. I think you are a wonderful lawyer and person, and while I wish I had known about you before, I am beyond grateful I was able to have you handle this matter.

My sincerest thanks,

- L.W.

Thank you Mr. Marain & Staff. Job very well done!

- F.G.V.

Working with you and Jill was a pleasure. Never once did I experience the sense of feeling lost in the process. Communication was frequent, detailed, professional and always punctuated with the offer of available help for any questions or concerns that I may have had. I truly felt that I had the opportunity to contact your office at any time and I would have the answer I was looking for as well as additional, supporting information.

The hard work and professional manner of both you and your paralegal Jill has allowed me to unburden a weight carried with me for a great length of time and I am very grateful to have chosen to utilize your office for this matter.

- J.D.

Dear Mr. Marain,

Thank you for your hard work!

Wishing you a blessed Holiday Season!


- L.P.

Thank you so much it was a pleasure to have you working for me.

- J.J.R.

Thank you for all of your help and continuous updates throught the process! I never once did not know where we were at in the process and it put my mind at ease. I appreciate all of your hard work!

- S.F.

I appreciate your help on this matter. The experience of your firm is evident in the timely execution of crucial documents to appropriate parties, the autonomy of your work on the client's behalf, and the overall professionalism exhibited by your firm. I feel fortunate to have retained your services.

- S.W.

Thank You for treating me professionally and supporting my dignity. I will not hesitate to seek your assistance, if necessary, in the future, and I will certainly refer anyone in need of legal assistance to you.

- M.J.S.